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Lux Pro Audio provides live sound systems for:

​​DJs, live groups, speakers, weddings, corporate and trade show events, street parties and festivals.  

We offer special rates for nonprofit organizations.

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* Techs to run systems as needed
* Specific items for supplemental rental are available
* Backline equipment available on request

* Stage deck (adjustable height) with stairs available on request

*Console/ mixers:
Midas M32 32channel console with case
Mackie 1402 VLZ3 with case

Mackie 1202 VLZ3 with case
Behringer 802 mini mixer with case

*Snakes: 16x4 ProCo 100’ , 8x4 100’ ProCo snake & 6x2 50’

Stewart, Crown and QSC lightweight power amplifiers
DBX  crossovers


 SLS Line Array LS7500 modules

 SLS Column array LS6593 
EAW KF461 (15”, 3-way) mid/hi cabs with RCF drivers
Mackie SRM 450 Active 12” 2-way speakers
Mackie SRM350 10” Active 2-way active speakers

 DB Tech Opera 12" 2way Active speakers 

 Yorkville Elite 21" ES21P powered subwoofers
E.V. dual 18” Subwoofers powered

 Mackie Active 18" subwoofer
Grund Audio Design front loaded subwoofer, 1x B&C 18”

 Adamson 12"/ 1.4" 2way floor wedges

 EAW 8" coax 2way floor wedges
tripod speaker stands

Assorted 12 GA Speakon cables from 15’- 50’ each 

Sennheiser E835’s, Shure SM57’s, Sennheiser E604, Audix D6, Rode

Whirlwind and Radial DI's     
Tripod boom stands, short boom mini tripod stands
Sennheiser XSW 35 wireless handheld mic systems

XVive U3 wireless mic systems
assorted mic cables, patch cables, clips, 12GA, 14GA, &16GA

Podium and laptop tripod
extension cords from 15’ to 90’ long 

Video/ Lights:

Sanyo ProLux 6k Lumen Projector with case
NEC short throw 3600 lumen projector with case

Optoma HD short throw 3800 Lumens with case
9’ high by 12’ wide screen
7’ high by 9’ wide screens

9' high by 16' wide screen
Basic Par LED 108w/ 36x3w RGB lights with dmx,  RGBW 7x10W
wash, 2 light trees/ tripods

Prost Uberpar LED RGBWAU fixtures, and Prost Blitzpars
DMXis lighting interface and manual ADJ controller

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