Lux Pro Audio provides live sound systems for:

​​DJs, live groups, speakers, weddings, corporate and trade show events, street parties and festivals.  

We offer special rates for nonprofit organizations.

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* Techs to run systems as needed
* Specific pieces for supplemental rental is available
* Additional consoles, speakers and mics available upon special
Lighting / Projection Video
 *Console/ mixers-
 Midas M32 32channel console with OSP Road case
 Mackie 1402 VLZ3 with pelican case
 Behringer 802 mini mixers (3) with cases
 *Snakes: 16x4 ProCo 100’ snake, 8x4 100’ ProCo snake & 6x2 50’
 6 space rack case (for smaller system use) : (2) DBX 231 dual
31band EQ, BBE Max Comp
 *Amplification- (17KW Total)
 (8space amp rack) Monitors, or “B” system rack: 6 mixes including
side fills, or subs amp plus 4
 monitor mixes:
 2-QSC Powerlight 1.8, and 1-Stewart 1800,
 DBX 223xl crossover
 (10 space shock rack) Larger/ Main rack;
 Stewart 1800w x3 (2x18” E.V. subs, & EAW mains HF-stereo)
 Crown XTi 2002 amp- (EAW low mids, stereo)
 DBX Drive rack PA2 processor (with wifi router box for iPad)
*Speaker Mains- (for configuring with “A” or “B” System)
 (4) EAW KF461 (15”, 3-way) mid/hi cabs with RCF drivers
 (4) Mackie SRM 450 Active 12” 2-way speakers with Gator bags
 (2) Mackie SRM350 10” 2-way active speakers
 (4) TL880 E.V. dual 18” Subwoofers (2 powered, 2 passive)
 (2) Grund Audio Design front loaded subwoofer, 1x B&C 18”
 (8) tripod speaker stands
 (2) EAW/ RCF 12” coax wedges
 (2) EAW 8” coax wedges
 Assorted 12 GA Speakon cables from 15’- 50’ each (self powered
monitors also available)
 Sennheiser E835’s, SM57’s, Sennheiser E604, Audix D6, Rode
 AKG C1000
 whirlwind and Mapco direct boxes
 (14) tripod boom stands, (4) short boom mini tripod stands
 Sennheiser XSW 35 wireless handheld mic systems
 assorted mic cables, patch cables, clips, 12GA, 14GA, &16GA
extension cords from 15’ to 90’ long
Video/ Lights
Sanyo ProLux 6k Lumen Projector with case
NEC short throw 3k lumen projector with case
9’ high by 12’ wide screen
7’ high by 9’ wide screen
(4) Par LED 108w/ 36x3w RGB lights with dmx, (4) RGBW 7x10W
wash, 2 light trees/ tripods
DMXis lighting interface and manual ADJ controller